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Blind Cleaning

Having your blinds professionally cleaned eradicates dust, dirt and grime returning that clean sheen you had forgotten ever existed under those layers of dirt and dust that have been shifted around whenever you have carried out a quick dust and clean!

How often should you have your blinds professionally cleaned by Adelaide Blind Cleaning?
Professional cleaning is recommended every 12-24 months and more often for blinds that attract a higher volume of dirt, dust and grime, such as kitchen blinds, blinds near to doors and windows that are regularly opened or blinds in homes located in new estates or near to any such development. Professional cleaning on a regular basis is particularly important for households and other environments, such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes and child care centres, where people who are at higher risk of illness, from the likes of dust mite and bacteria, either reside or are present in that environment.

Food splatters on your kitchen blind? Mildew on your Duette® or Silhoeutte®? Or have your Venetian or Vertical blinds accumulated dirt and dust and you are wondering what other nasties are harbouring within?
Then contact Adelaide Blind Cleaning and you will be amazed at how we can work wonders cleaning and sanitising your blinds.

Are your Timber blinds looking dull and dusty?
Then have them cleaned and reoiled and return them to their best. Don’t allow them to look dusty and dirty for a moment longer. Contact Adelaide Blind Cleaning and we will have them looking like new again. You won’t have felt as good about them since the day you originally had them installed.

Painting or Renovating?...
It is a perfect time to have your blinds cleaned when you are having renovations or painting carried out at your home or office. We can come in and remove the blinds before works commence, clean them and then store them until you are ready to have them rehung on the completion of works, thus eliminating the risk of irreversible damage to your blinds through improper storage and mishaps.


Frayed and broken cords, damaged slats that are bent or broken or is that blind just giving you grief and not working as well as it should be?
You name it, we do it. Track repairs, records, replacement wands, replacement blades. Just contact Adelaide Blind Cleaning and have that blind back looking and working the way that it should be. If it’s broken contact Adelaide Blind Cleaning to fix it.

Do you require blind alterations?
We can lengthen, shorten and reduce the width of almost all blinds to make them fit that perfect location.

Child Safety

Are my children at risk from the cords on my blinds?
Should you have any queries regarding whether your blinds meet current child safety legislation then contact Adelaide Blind Cleaning. We can carry out any necessary modifications. Nothing is more important than keeping our precious little ones safe from harms way.